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Bible Study Material - Copyrighted

"Literacy and ESL bible-based resources from Literacy and Evangelism International (LEI) are available in Canada, in Canadian currency, by contacting:
Mabel Wee and Paul T. Robinson at or 416 568 7833.
A short preparatory training is available and recommended."

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Storyteller's Bible Study (for Internationals)

by Bill Perry c.1991

Add to Your Faith

By Bill Perry c.1993

Crossing Over With Parables

by Bill Perry c. 1997

You Mean to Tell Me They're Not Christian??

by Bill Perry c. 1998

all available from:

Multi-Language Media

P.O. Box 301, Ephrata, PA U.S.A. 17522

Ph:(717) 738-0582


The animated video, GOD'S STORY, by Jeremiah Films.
It has already been translated into numerous languages, and has many more languages coming. For more information, contact:
HEMET, CA 92544
PH: 909-658-1619
FAX: 909-658-9189
Also try these:
I have learned that Multi-Language Media is stocking this video at a discounted price. They have it available for $16.95, $3.00 less than the video's distributors.


Meeting God Personally

c. 1992 ISMC

Following Christ Fully -Discipleship Notebook

by Paul Maxwell c. 1995

International Student Ministries Canada

Box 1205, Three Hills, AB T0M 2A0

Ph: (403) 443-5676 Fax: (403) 443-5969


Living With God Book 1 - Meeting God Discipleship Series

Living With God Book 2 - Walking with God, Growing Strong to Serve

c. 1996 ISI (International Students Incorporated)

Knowing God Personally (4-Laws type tract)

New Beginnings Discipleship Kit

(includes Jesus video, New Beginning Video and Booklets with study questions)

Let's Talk About It

(A guide to leading pre-evangelistic Discussion Parties with Int'l Students)

c. 1987

order from:


P.O. Box C

Colorado Springs, CO 80901 USA

Ph: (719) 576-2700 Fax: (719) 576-5363

Going Home

(A workbook for graduating Christian international students preparing to return home)

Contact Gisela Rohde for individual copies, or

more copies available from:

The Navigators International Student Ministry

9 Capri Place

Palmerston North

New Zealand

Jesus Video Orders (Avaliable in many languages and in NTSC or PAL format)

DVD's are now available, too, but more expensive.

Also other Campus Crusade Literature

New Life Resources, a ministry of Campus Crusade for Christ

20385 - 64th Ave.

Langley, BC V2Y 1N5

Ph: 1-800-667-0558

Fax: 1-800-665-8480


Home Again (preparing Int'l students to serve Christ in their home countries)

c. 1993 By Nate Mirza

The Navigators

Int'l Student Ministry

PO Box 6000

Colorado Springs, CO 80934

Ph: (719) 576-2700 Fax: (719) 576-5363

Christianity 101-401 (4 levels) plus Quiet Time Journal
By Bud Penner

Available for $5/book from:

Brant Bible Church

2501 Eaglesfield Dr.

Burlington, ON L7P 3Z7

Day of Discovery Video

10 Reasons to Believe God Became a Man (Pts. 1&2)(about Christmas)

Discovery House Publishers

PO Box 1622

Windsor, ON N9A 6Z7

Alpha is an evangelistic course designed to teach people in a very friendly, "chat after dinner," type setting about the Lord, salvation, etc. Charismatic emphasis...
A very similar, non-charismatic, course is Lifeworks, available through Ambassadors for Christ International, attn: John North

Because of Love (ESL study of the gospel of John)

By Esme James

c. 1994

Advisers Graphics

Red Deer, AB

See Gisela Rohde for copies $10. ea.

New Life: Beginning the Christian Adventure

by Doug Coats c. 1991

New Life in Christ


Understanding Christian Beliefs


The Wordless Bridge and Words for the Wordless Bridge

By Mary Taussig

Who is Jesus Christ? - A Bible Discussion/Study based on the Jesus Film

(discussion questions after watching the video in 5-10 minute chunks)

By Donald DeGraaf, Bob & Mary Taussig, and Gisela Rohde

Studies in Matthew - $6. ea.

Bible Discovery - God and Man (Bible Overview) $3. ea

By Nick & Ellen Gawryletz for ISMC

(Leader's and Student's versions available)

Overview of the Bible (16 lessons)

Lessons on New Life (20 lessons)

By Donald DeGraaf - on computer diskettes.

Contact Gisela Rohde about copies for all these.

BIBLE-BASED ESL CURRICULA -- EFCM International Network has two
Bible-based ESL curricula: Adventures in English and Exploring English.
During the past year the I-NET staff has rewritten the reading lessons
for these two series to make them much more active, requiring more
student participation and involvement. Also, there are now reading
lessons for beginning and advanced readers. International Network also
has developed an 8-lesson ESL Adventures in Business curriculum. If
you want to get a sample lesson of the Adventures series or the
Exploring series, contact Don <>

Road to Freedom The story of Exodus

Jesus Meeting our Lord in the Gospel of Mark

By Faith Learning from Abraham, Jacob, and Joseph

(Student books and Leader's Guides available)

CRC Publications/Open Door Books

2850 Kalamazoo Ave. SE

Grand Rapids, MI 49560-0001

Ph: 1-800-333-8300


Email orders:

Bible versions

CHINESE AUDIO BIBLE CD-ROM -- The Chinese Ministry at Lutheran Hour
Ministries has just completed the "Chinese Audio Bible CD-ROM" which
contains the standard Mandarin reading of the whole Bible in Chinese.
The CD-ROM can be played on computers with browser software or MP3
compatible players. The table of contents will be displayed
automatically when the CD is loaded so that readers can choose any book
to listen to. To request a free copy, please visit the following link: or email your name and
address to: .

Bible search site:

Bible search site in different languages:

Int'l Bible Soc.Website:

Multi-Language Media

PO Box 301, Ephrata, PA 17522; 717/738-0592 or Excellent catalogue of literature in various
languages, including scriptures in most languages available.

There are many online Bibles available for download at:

Another great site is "Peggy's Place"

There is a great site called SOON, which has many ethnic links:

And there's Ed Kearn's "Links to assist International Christians" site...

Association for Christians Ministering to Internationals: and click on "Resources for International Student Ministry" which takes you to:

[Living Water] Living Water Christian Books and Materials
Talk with Manny Jasus--a great guy who is not as concerned about making a sale as he is in finding what YOU need!! 1-800-586-4987

Here's a couple of addresses and phone #s that might be useful for
getting Korean Bibles:

Cross Family Book & Gift
1248 The Queensway

Etobicoke, Ont. M8Z 1S2
Phone# (416) 255-2767
Fax# (416) 255-2824

Emmaus Christian Shop
1661 Kingsway Vancouver B.C. V5N 2S2
Phone# (604)876-4441
Home Phone# (604) 430-4581

Chinese Resources

Christian Communications Inc. of Canada (for Mainland Chinese material)

3880 Midland Ave. Units 2-4

Scarborough, ON M1V 5K4

Ph: (416) 297-6540 Fax: (416) 297-6675



Agape Christian Supplies

#242, 328 - Centre St. SE

Calgary, AB T2G 4X6

(The store is the second floor of the Dragon City Mall on 4th ST. SE across from the Bank of Montreal.)

Ph: 262-8633

(Mostly Cantonese/Traditional Script supplies, including bilingual Bibles, but also some (even free) Mandarin/Simplified Script Bibles and other literature.)


It's True (Bilingual Series)

Mr. Gideon Zhao

315 Shau Kei Wan Road

1/F, Hong Kong


We at Ambassadors for Christ Mainland Chinese literature ministry have "More
Than A Carpenter" in Chinese, usually in good quantities. The suggested
donation amount is presently $1.50 each plus shipping. We usually keep a
few on hand in English as well, primarily for those who need an English copy
to know better the contents of the Chinese edition, but we would not have 15

We have several new things in simplified script Chinese and hope to get out
a special list of them soon. One that is very popular and effective with the
educated Mainland Chinese is the book, _Why I Would Not Become a Christian_,
by Fan Xuede. We had a limited quantity some time ago and Chinese readers
were eager to get them.

Fan Xuede is a graduate of the top party school in China. He became a
Christian and attended Moody Bible Institute. This book documents the
struggles many in and from China face as they consider Christianity, but he
also gives the solutions he found. For those who have been given the most
effective book for top intellectuals, _Song of a Wanderer_, it is a good
choice as an additional book. It is more political, however, so more thought
should be used as to whether it is appropriate for the person in question.

You can see our website for many other things in Chinese, though some of the
newer things are not yet shown there.

We encourge you also to make known the website where _Song
of a Wanderer_ and some other good choices for educated Mainland Chinese can
be read online. There is help in English there of the materials available.
We have prepared a handout for this site. You can write to with the request for a copy of this handout which
can serve as a master to make many copies. You can send this on to Mainland
Chinese you know. Many will then send it on by e-mail to where these
materials are less available with a great impact made among the

Website: daily devotions in English and Mandarin

Website: (The Bible Broadcasting Network)

Website: songs

Website: -simplified Chinese Bible on line.

Website: (Christian Communication)

Website: (Christian Communications)

Website: (Christian Team)

Web-Site: (Chinese Christian Internet Mission)

Website: (Christian Communication International, Canada)

In the website - it shows the list of books that are available

Website: (Christian Communication)


Website: (Partners International)

This website offers intensive biblical teaching dealing with the issue of life such as relationships, trials, fulfillment,etc.

Website: Organization: Campus Crusade For Christ, Singapore

Website: (Christian Literature Crusade)

Website: has good Bible study tools.

Website – (International Bible Society Hong Kong website)

Website – On-line English and Chinese Bible (Downloadable)

Website – In this particular website, you will be able to search the Bible in your own web page.

Website –

Website – Collections of Rev Sam Ling

Website –

Website - It has a wide range of interesting articles

Website – http://go7.163com/~livingwater/index.html. (Faith/Science/Life) (GB)

Website – Here you can download various Bible software.

.Website – The Association of Chinese Evangelical Ministry

Website – On-line Spiritual Foods (GB)

Website – (GB) This is the apologetic site. All the articles are written in traditional Chinese.

Website – Overseas Campus Magazine (GB/Big 5)

Website – Christian Life Quarterly (GB/Big 5)

Website – daily broadcast'g stn.

Website –